For the love of bread this Valentines Day

Who else loves bread out there? 

I'm not talking about the mass produced preservative filled breads you find in supermarkets, but REAL bread. The kind that's free of nasties, full of goodness and amazing on the tastebuds.

Gluten gets a bad wrap these days, and so very often, bread goes down with it. But in reality, there are so many nutritious ways to bake bread. Gluten free, full of seeds and some with ingredients you've probably never heard of.

Check out this recipe by Marion at Bake and Nourish and see what I mean. Print it off and keep it for that rainy day you have nothing to do at home. 

Baking bread, is not only a good way to spend some quality time with family in the kitchen but it's good for the soul. Unwind and relax in these moments, and when all's said and done, enjoy the deliciousness.

If you're REALLY not the baker, then track down your local bakery and check out their range of fresh breads and always check that there's no nasties in them. Try one at a time and work out your favourite. You'll probably find you have a couple for different occasions. Don't forget to take your Aussie Bread Bag along too, so the bakery can pop it straight in there for you and avoid the single use plastic.

It's also, in my opinion, great to support your small local bakery over the supermarket conglomerates. We're all about supporting the little guys at Aussie Bread Bags. There's tens of thousands of little bakeries across Australia that need us to buy their freshly baked breads daily, so get familiar with your locals. :)