Frequent Questions

Where are Aussie Bread Bags made?

We’re proud to say Aussie Bread Bags are 100% Australian designed and made. We source the bags locally and then I, along with a local seamstress alter them as necessary to then be printed locally and hand packaged by myself in Avoca Beach.

What are they made from?

Calico and the double drawstring is cotton.

What size is the bag?

Approximately 30cm x 14cm, give or take a centimetre as they’re hand made. This size will hold anywhere from standard loaf sizes to sourdoughs to viennas to high loaves.

Do the bags prolong shelf life?

No. They are not designed to extend the shelf life of your usual bread, but won't allow moulding (as plastic does) because the fabric lets the bread breathe.

Are the bags freezer safe?

Yes, Aussie Bread Bags are freezer safe, therefore portions can be split, frozen & thawed when necessary. This is great if you feel you’re not going to consume the whole loaf within a few days.

How often do the bags need cleaning?

This would be determined on a case by case scenario. If treated well, the bags are usually fine with just a 'shake out’ of the crumbs between uses, and washed every month or so, but if they are accidentally smeared through jam on the bench top for example, we encourage them to be cleaned between uses.

How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?

Shipping within Australia is free. International shipping is priced upon checkout. Or please see our Shipping & Returns menu for this info.