Frequent Questions

What are the dimensions of your bread bags?

Our 'standard' Aussie Bread Bag measures approx 30cm long x 30cm across with a 14 x 14cm squared bottom. This size is suitable for your standard block loaf or fresh bread rolls.

Our 'large' Aussie Bread Bag measures approx 40cm long x 30cm across with a 16 x 14cm squared bottom, and are suitable for larger loaves such as sourdough, high tin loaves, & cobs. 

Please watch our video below that demonstrates the sizing.

We do ask you to please allow 10% of variance in size as they are handmade. Please also be aware that there may be some shrinkage after washing as it is made from natural fibres.

What are the measurements of your other products?

Aussie Produce Bags measure approx 40cm x 50cm with double drawstring top.
Aussie Snack Bags measure approx 23cm x 20cm with single drawstring top.

Will Aussie Bread Bags keep my bread fresh?

Yes. Aussie Bread Bags have been designed to help maintain freshness in your bread. Being made with a thick cotton allows for air flow, which not only prevents the bread from growing mould, but it also creates a barrier from any draughts that quickly dry the bread.

How long will my bread stay fresh for?

After extensive testing, we and all our loyal customers have found that Aussie Bread Bags can help to maintain freshness in your breads for up to a week without freezing it. This will of course, differ from bread to bread type. Please read our blog which includes some tips and tricks to help maintain loaf freshness for longer. 

Are the bags freezer safe?

Yes, our Aussie Bread Bags and other products are all freezer safe, therefore portions can be split, frozen & thawed when necessary. This is great if you feel you’re not going to consume a whole loaf within several days.

As the bags can breathe, when the bread thaws, you also eliminate any chance of moisture in the bag creating soggy bread.

What are your Aussie products made from?

Cotton calico. We have chosen this natural fibre as its renewable and easy to work with. We hope to release other sustainable fabrics as part of our range in time.

Are they washable?

Yes all our products are both hand and machine washable, making it super convenient when they get a little grubby from use.

Are Aussie Bread Bags home compostable?

Yes, check it out for yourself below and hit subscribe to keep up to date!

How can I purchase an Aussie Bread Bag?

Simply click here to view all our products and the combinations of how you can buy them.

How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?

Domestic shipping is completed within 2 business days of placing your order with AusPost. Cost of shipping is determined upon checkout dependant on your product selection and shipping method.

International shipping is priced upon checkout, or please see our Shipping & Returns menu for this info.