Why Make The Switch?


Did you know, Australians throw over one million plastic bread bags into landfill every single day?! Just in bread bags! Shocking isn't it.

A few reasons to ditch the plastic:

  • manufacturing plastic lets off harmful toxins into the ozone layer
  • most plastics are not recyclable
  • recyclable plastics are not usually recycled properly 
  • when plastic enters landfill, it takes hundreds of years to 'break down' - just think, every single piece of plastic that's ever been created is still in existence
  • while in landfill plastic is capable of continuously releasing harmful chemicals that can spread into groundwater
  • many plastics end up in waterways leading to rivers and lakes, effecting marine life drastically

We want to help Australia combat their plastic contribution to the world by replacing one million of these plastic bread bags with our reusable Aussie Bread Bags by July 2024. Help us start by getting your own here.


**In any given week, 11 million Australians buy a loaf of bread, leaving behind over 2000 tonnes of plastic to go into landfill every year. Help us change this problem of 1.5 million plastic bread bags being discarded every day in Australia.**