Give Back This Christmas


Christmas can be a beautiful time of year.

Full of love, laughter, family and friends, giving and receiving. It's the one time of year most of us look forward to for these exact reasons.

But for some of us, Christmas can be a lonely and saddening time. Something may have changed throughout ones year to change their circumstance this Christmas or perhaps it's always this way for them.

It's important to remember this and give back when we can. 






There are countless charities and not-for-profit groups around Australia doing so much for those in need year round. They're always in need of volunteers to help deliver goods, serve food or just lend a hand with whatever they need.

Here's just a few to look at, but ask around to find a local group you can help with.

We All Care
Meals On Wheels
Wayside Chapel
The Smith Family
The Salvation Army
Share the Dignity
Homeless Shelter





The other important way we can give back at Christmas is by:


This time of year can also bring busier than usual schedules to many of us, thus you may not find volunteering an option for you, donating is also just as important! This such as food, gifts, clothing or even donating you Return & Earn money instead of taking the receipt for yourself can be a huge help to organisations such as below at this time of year.

Again, check out your local area to see who you can donate to.

Stewart House
Sisters of Charity
Donate your Return & Earn




So please, if you're in a position to help spread the love and positivity to those who need it most this Christmas, please consider giving back this Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone, from Aussie Bread Bags.