How Can I Become More Sustainable?

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in our world today. Conveniently at the same time, the number of sustainable options available to us in any part of our lives are also on the increase.


What sustainable items are we speaking about?

Think wooden disposable cutlery in place of plastic. Reusable metal straws replacing plastic single use straws. Sustainable or recycled paper-based packaging.

Every little bit makes a difference. So apart from these few steps that we have mentioned above, you often find yourself asking ‘how can I become more sustainable in my everyday life?’


We have the top tips…

Start a home garden

Growing your own produce can be a fun and fulfilling way of building your sustainability credentials. There is nothing like eating a salad that you have grown yourself. Your own strawberries always taste better than any ones bought from the shop.

The best news? You don’t need to live on acreage to grow at least some of your own produce. You don’t even need a back yard! Something as small as pots on a kitchen bench can give you a great harvest of herbs. If you have a balcony, even better! Think tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers, strawberries, lettuces, spinach or radishes. There are loads of fresh produce growing options for even the smallest space.


Eat less meat

Eat less meat…Now we aren’t suggesting that you totally give up meat and go vegan overnight! But, adding a few vegetarian meals to the weekly meals’ rotation is a great way to increase your sustainability.

How does this help? Simply, meat production is generally a high energy user and also contributes to a high level of emissions. So, eating just a little bit less will help reduce energy demands and emissions from both the energy and farming practices!


Recycle, repurpose, upcycle, sell

In the last few years, online sales platforms have opened up a totally new world in buying or selling second-hand items. Sell your no-longer-worn clothes or shoes, unused furniture or unwanted household items. It’s really easy to recycle, upcycle and sell extra odds and end pieces from around the house, while also giving you some spare change in your pocket.

There are so many online selling platforms now, that there’s almost no excuse to throw things out anymore!

Or, if you are feeling altruistic, donate your quality pre-loved items to charity to be re-sold and re-used.

Upcycle your old furniture by repainting, remodelling or repurposing. It could be a console table as a slim-line desk, repainting that old, battered dining table as an outdoor table or just using it in the garden as a planting table. Or, how about garden beds made from wood from transport pallets?


We’ve only just scratched the surface here, so let your imagination go wild. See what you can come up with and let us know in the comments!