Plastic Free July 2020

It's Plastic Free July time 2020!

It feels like this July has just flown back around! 

Anyway, this year, I've put a list together of the absolute necessities that I feel should be replaced with sustainable options around our homes. 
These are items that just about all of us use in our homes every day. Check them out and next time you need a new one, look into upgrading yours to a sustainable option.


Beauty and Personal Care
Razor - a stainless steel one that has replaceable blades.
Shaving cream - these can be bought as bars instead of in the traditional tins.
Menstrual cup - a fabulous alternative to the hundreds of tampons us ladies go through!
Period underwear - these are a great option for overnight use during your period.
Makeup removers - I often suggest just a facecloth to remove makeup, but you can also get REUSABLE makeup remover wipes.
Shampoo and conditioner - So many package free options out there now!
Soap - make your own or buy package free from your local market.


Bin liners - biodegradable bin liners are a household must!
Straws - if you haven't already, get yourself a pack of reusable straws. 
Sponge - reusable sponges are the way to go! When they get grubby, wash and reuse, and rotate a few. Mine are going on five years old.
Silicone baking mat - say goodbye to tin foil forever.
Tea infuser - did you know there are micro-plastics in teabags? Use loose leaf tea instead.
Paper towel - there's reusable alternatives now! Another way to reduce our footprints!
Pegs - replace the classic 'always breaking' plastic ones with stainless steel! No rusting, no breaking.
Dog poop bags - if you have a pooch, and bin his 'business', please ensure it's in a biodegradable bag! 
Shopping bags - we should all have reusable shopping bags by now, both at home and in the car, so we never forget.


Bread bags - eliminate your need for plastic when buying or baking a fresh loaf of bread. You can get yourself an Aussie Bread Bag via our website.
Produce bags - no need to use the thin plastic bags at the grocery stores, take your own reusable ones.
Food pouch - a spill proof way to transport food around, perhaps take leftover with you.
Silicone bowl toppers - a great way to store leftovers without plastic.
Reusable sandwich bags - no more single use plastic sandwich bags for school lunches.
Reusable bottle - don't pay for something that falls from the sky for free. Take your own from home. 
Lunchbox - stainless steel compartment lunch boxes are just the best. Try one and you'll never go back.
Coffee cup - notorious for needing that on the go coffee? Providing your own is a must.


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