The Anatomy of a Reusable Bread Bag

Do you know all the features of our reusable Aussie Bread Bags?

We’re proud to say that we’ve worked hard to hand master a reusable storage solution for your fresh breads with all the bells and whistles. 

All whilst keeping them at an affordable price.

Created by an Aussie mum with mums in mind, she believes a no fuss product was essential to become part of every household.

The Anatomy of Aussie Bread Bags:

  • a gusseted base and reinforced stitching means it’s both sturdy and functional. 
  • woven with freezer proof fabric makes storing bread for later on simple.
  • a drawstring top for quick and easy sealing that also doubles as a handle.
  • washing machine safe equals no special attention needed (mums will get this).
  • compostable - created with fibres from nature means it can safely be returned to nature at the end of its life. Essential for a #zerowaste life.

Check out more about Aussie Bread Bags online where you can also purchase one for your home and have it plastic free delivered to your door!