Week #13. Add a small veggie garden.

Growing your own food. It seems like an unrealistic dream, right? 

The truth is, it's really not that difficult to grow your own food. I'll get to that later, but first, how is growing your own food better for the environment? Below is the 4 main reasons growing your own veggie garden has made it into our list of 52 Small Sustainable Changes...


1. To reduce carbon emissions & fossil fuels

The same reason I say to buy from your local farmers market when you can. The less distance there is for foods to travel from farmer to consumer, the less emissions created from the travel itself. Therefore better for the environment!

2. Reduce food waste

Eat what you've grown. Making meals that incorporate the foods you have ready to eat means there's no food wasted.

Did you know that 35% of the average household bin is food waste? That's a lot of waste that just ends up in landfill!

3. Avoid pesticides & fertilizers

I've spoke about this before, but in case you missed our blog on why choosing organic (chemical free) fruit and veg is better for the environment, you can read up on it here.


4. Monocultures - never heard of them? Click here to learn more.

Now back to my thoughts for growing your own veggie patch. Check out the link below that I believe sums up the basics perfectly, for the easy to start and maintain home veggie garden.