Week #19. Use your buy, swap & sell sites.

Have too many clothes, homewares or other items around the house you're not using, but don't want to just give them away? You did pay good money for them and they're still in great nick after all!
Well, maybe you could sell them on to someone who needs them more than you, so they can be used rather than just sitting in your cupboard.
There are so many places you can do this online now! Websites such as e-bay and gumtree are long time favourites here in Aus, but now Facebook has their own 'marketplace' for this as well as Instagram having profiles like 'lovedbyfinn' or 'fableandfling' plus countless others.
There's also dedicated clothing websites such as 'the closet' & 'carousell' to name a couple plus loads more and others for homewares, cars, handbags, shoes and everything in between. Just Google search to find the options and pick what's best for you!