What plastics are recycled at home?

It's a common thought for people at home. This item is plastic, can it be recycled? So, to help people do the right thing at home, we've summarised the do's and don'ts of at home recycling, with a printout for you to pop somewhere near your bin to help the whole family get on board!

Believe it or not, that little number inside the triangle on your plastic waste means something! It equates to the type of plastic that has been used to create that item and whether or not it can be recycled at home or industrially, trashed or possibly enter an alternative recycling program such as REDcycle.

To keep it simple and brief for you:

#1 = CAN be recycled through your yellow bin

#2 = CAN be recycled through your yellow bin

#3 = Rigid items CAN be recycled through your yellow bin, soft plastics through REDcycle or similar

#4 = soft plastics through REDcycle program or similar

#5 = CAN be recycled through your yellow bin

#6 = CANNOT be recycled through your yellow bin, avoid where possible!

#7 = Check with your local council

Click here to download the high-res version. 

What can and cannot be recycled does differ from council to council throughout Australia, so if you're ever in doubt, get in touch with your local council for clarification to help ensure you're doing the right thing and helping to reduce your waste footprint.