Why Reusable Bags are Good for Your Business and the Planet

Ever heard of life support in hospitals?

The special procedures and machines that help sustain crucial body functions until your body heals enough to carry the functions on its own. Well, the ocean is to the planet what life support is to a weak body- it replenishes the planet.

That means prioritising ocean protection if we are to survive in the next few years.

Guess what’s the biggest threat to the ocean and the life on the planet?



Why are Plastics a threat to life on the planet?

Perhaps these statistics sourced from Condor Breaks will help paint the picture of the dangers of plastic on the planet.

One million plus seabirds and more than a hundred thousand marine animals breathe their last breath due to plastic pollution annually. All the baby turtles in the ocean have ingested plastic before moving to the sea.

Every day, close to 8 million bits of plastic find their way to the oceans. And the world doesn’t seem to slow down in the production of plastic waste- 381 million tonnes every year.

These stats are enough to worry you. To make you think about what the situation will be in ten years. Especially if we don't do something significant about it.


What's One Thing We Can do to Combat the Spiking Levels of Plastic Pollution?

That’s exactly where reusable bags come in.

Plastic packaging is the highest contributor to plastic pollution. Past a million plastic bags are disposed of every minute. The total usage of plastic bags around the world surpasses 500 billion annually making plastic the greatest culprit in plastic pollution.

If all plastic bags were replaced with reusable bags, a positive story would ensue on our oceans in the next ten years.

That is why the benefits of using reusable bags cannot be understated.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using compostable bags for your business and the planet.


3 Key Benefits of Reusable Bags for Your Business and the Planet

  1. Reducing waste production

Just like the name, reusable bags can be used more than once. Considering that most plastic bags can only be used once, having bags that can be used again means greatly reducing the total waste after disposal.

  1. Compostable nature of the bags

While we cannot talk about other reusable bags of this attribute, Aussie Bread Bags are bio-degradable. That means even after you are done using it and disposed of it, it isn't going to be a nuisance years later but rather manure for plants to grow on.

And if there's one sure way to guarantee a reduction in plastic bag waste, it's by making it compostable.

  1. A golden opportunity to create a better world

If the statistics mentioned before made you think about ways you and your business can make things better, then using bio-degradable reusable bags is one of those ways.

The best part is that it doesn’t involve changing a lot in how you do your business. Just the type of packaging bags you use and you immediately make leaps towards making the planet a better place.