Winter School Holidays 2020

First day of Winter school holidays!
Well, wasn't term 2 just a shamozzle.
Another two weeks off with the kidlets again, and the question is asked again, what to do??
Below, I've put a few eco-friendly suggestions for you to try if you get the chance…
Make a bird feeder.
If you’re feeling crafty, this is a good one to help the kids use their imaginations whilst using up potential landfill and doing a good deed for your local birdlife.
We found this site has a good assortment of DIY bird feeders, from the super simple to create, to the slightly more complex style. Once you have a look, you may even just find things around your own home you can use too!
Visit your community garden.
This is a nice one to introduce the youngens to.
Showing children where food comes from before it hits their plate is important for them to have the appreciation for food we should all have.
Looking for a full day out? Try looking up your local farms for a fruit-picking day. e. Plus, you can meet new like-minded people, do the community a good deed, get yourself some fresh produce, all while getting your hands dirty.
If you’re not sure where your local community garden is, do a quick Google search and ask around your friends or on social media channels to find one.
Fruit picking.
Looking for a full day out? Try looking up your local farms for a fruit-picking day.
Get out into the beautiful Winter sun we’re having, enjoy a scenic drive, a picnic, and some quality family time.
Your location will decide what fruits and farms are available for this time of year, but we found this great link for Sydney siders which includes a few local to them.
Hope this gives you a couple of ideas to help entertain the kiddies these holidays! And be sure to follow us on socials for all our own holiday activities!