World Population Day 2020

The inspiration behind this day came from the interest that surrounded “Five Billion Day”, which was the day the world population ticked over five billion people on July 11th 1987.

Now, 33 years later in 2020, the worlds population is fast approaching 8 billion people worldwide with China and India leading the way with in excess of one billion each, largely due to poverty, illiteracy and lack of contraceptive needs to women.

At this rate, we’re expected to hit 10 billion people worldwide, which many scientists believe is the maximum number of humans the Earth can sustain, between 2040-2050.

Between limited availability of fresh water and constraints on food production, things could turn ugly very quickly. (Read more).

The purpose of World Population Day is to raise awareness amongst us all of population issues we are facing and to highlight ways we can improve way of life to flatten this curve.

This website tracks the worldwide population live and it’s frightening to watch.