Change is good

By now, most of us are aware of the damage single use plastics are doing to our planet. From their manufacturing to their disposal, plastics in general are a non sustainable option.

The biggest problem we face (apart from dealing with all the already 'used' plastics in the world, but that's another story) is helping people to overcome the convenience that is plastic.

I personally have ran into this problem a lot lately when chatting with bakeries about stocking Aussie Bread Bags. I've had mixed responses.

Some bakeries are all for it, keen to give their customers a more sustainable option and help lessen their plastic footprint, others however seem somehow offended? How dare I insinuate that they are part of the plastic problem? And why should they be inconvenienced by having to slice the loaves at time of purchase to be bagged in an Aussie Bread Bag rather than slicing and plastic packaging them at the start of their day?

I am learning to navigate my way around this, but I think what everyone needs to understand is that there will be some slight inconveniences when making small changes from plastic to more sustainable options, but we'll all be better off for it in the long run.

I, for instance remember making small changes in my home like introducing a REDcycle bin (soft plastic recycling) or shopping at the bulk store rather than my supermarket for certain goods, it can be a little bit inconvenient and sometimes irritating, like if you leave your bulk containers at home when you leave the house in the morning. But with time, like everything, it becomes habit and then, the norm.

So I plead with you, when you make those small changes, stick with them, because before you know it you won't remember how to do it any other way. And remember, when it comes to making changes to rid your life of plastic, change is good.