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Change is good

By now, most of us are aware of the damage single use plastics are doing to our planet. From their manufacturing to their disposal, plastics in general are a non sustainable option. The biggest problem we face (apart from dealing with all the already 'used' plastics in the world, but that's another story) is helping people to overcome the convenience that is plastic. I personally have ran into this problem a lot lately when chatting with bakeries about stocking Aussie Bread Bags. I've had mixed responses. Some bakeries are all for it, keen to give their customers a more sustainable option and help lessen their plastic footprint, others however seem somehow offended? How dare I insinuate that they are part of the...

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Landfill Doesn't Break Down

Did you know that just about all waste that goes into landfill (your local tip) never actually ‘breaks down’? For waste to ‘break down’, it has to be exposed to oxygen, moisture and sunlight (in some cases), none of which are readily available underground in landfill. This includes anything from soft or hard plastics, paper, cardboard or food waste and everything in between. Even if biodegradable, photodegradable and compostable types of waste are put into landfill, they will not break down the way they’re meant to or in the timeframe that they should. Landfills are just that, ‘land fill’. Storage areas for waste. How long can that go on for? Surely it’s not sustainable, you’re right! It's not sustainable. The...

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