Keeping your bread fresh

The most common question I'm asked in this business is, 'will the bags keep the bread fresher for longer'? 

And the short answer is 'no'.

They were not created to extend your breads shelf life.

And so they shouldn't. 

Aussie Bread Bags was brought to life to help combat the single use plastic problem we have in Australia. We have done it for grocery shopping bags, so I don't see why we shouldn't be applying this method to every plastic option we currently have in place for convenience including bread bags.

They are made from a breathable fabric that allows the bread to breathe whilst in the bag and to disallow any potential of mould to grow from the moisture of the bread.

Once bought home from the bakery, fresh, preservative free bread will start to stale within a few days and be rock hard within a week. 

If you're not getting through your loaf by that time, I always suggest splitting the bread and freezing a portion until the fresh stuff is used and then thawing out the frozen part to be consumed next.

Aussie Bread Bags are also freezer proof so it makes this process easy and you won't lose quality of the bread.

If we eliminate single use plastic bread bags for good, just think of the greenhouse gasses currently created from mass producing single use plastic we'd stop as well as discontinuing the enormous amount of landfill left behind to take decades to break down.

So I'm sorry if switching to a reusable bread bag may change your routine slightly. But a small inconvenience in the short term can turn into a huge shift in the way we think and the way we package our bread in the long run benefiting the overall planet and all its inhabitants. 

Help us make everyone see the big picture.