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Keeping your bread fresh

The most common question I'm asked in this business is, 'will the bags keep the bread fresher for longer'?  And the short answer is 'no'. They were not created to extend your breads shelf life. And so they shouldn't.  Aussie Bread Bags was brought to life to help combat the single use plastic problem we have in Australia. We have done it for grocery shopping bags, so I don't see why we shouldn't be applying this method to every plastic option we currently have in place for convenience including bread bags. They are made from a breathable fabric that allows the bread to breathe whilst in the bag and to disallow any potential of mould to grow from the moisture...

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Preservative Free Bread

Does the bread you have at home include preservatives? Is this something you've ever asked yourself? Go and check, I'll wait.  Think about it. How does your loaf of bread stay 'fresh' on the counter for more than a week or sometimes 2?  More often than not we eat preservatives in our food whether we know it or not. But do we know what these preservatives are doing to us? Have a look at this piece Womens Health wrote about scary additives we have in our every day foods and the potential health risks and side effects. Some of the main culprits added into bread as preservatives are things like, sulphites (sulphur dioxide), propionates, calcium propionate (preservative number 282), preservative...

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